Saturday, January 10, 2009

Feel A Cold Coming On? Roast A Lemon!

It's January and it's cold and damp outside! Perfect recipe for a cold. But I found a cool little home remedy for colds that people used to use years ago, and it's so easy.

Just get a lemon, set your oven on "bake," and bake the lemon for about 20 minutes or until the skin starts to crack. I don't know what degree to set the oven to because in the old days there were no ovens with temperature settings. So I'd try 350 degrees which sounds safe enough.

Then squeeze out all the lemon juice -- be careful handling the hot lemon -- and drink it. That's what they took to remedy the onset of a cold.

You could also squeeze some garlic and add the juice to the drink for a real strong anti-cold remedy. Your breath won't smell great but you'll have stopped a cold dead in its tracks.

Be back soon with more old home remedies. In the meantime I will be adding pages about folk medicine for colds and coughs to my website so please stop by for a visit!



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