Sunday, March 1, 2009

Native American Herbal Remedies

That's the title of my new page. will now have pages of herbal remedies used by Native American tribes.

Since I'm from the Northeast, I started with native Northeastern tribes like the Algonquian, who populated New England and the maritime Canadian provinces. Tribes like the Penobscot, Montagnais and Mohegan, used single herbs to cure illnesses rather than herbal recipes.

Their understanding of herbs came from folklore. The use of muskrat root as a general health restorative was recommended to an Indian in a dream in which a muskrat appeared to him.

The early Native Americans also used the doctrine of similarities: if a plant resembled the condition you sought relief for, then you used that plant. For example, the ginseng root resembled the shape of a child, so it was used by women with fertility problems.

If you want to read more just visit my Native American Herbal Remedies page at This research is fascinating! I'll be posting more soon.