Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Old Home Remedies Guide

Hi all. This is the inaugural blog for Old-Home-Remedies-Guide.com, dedicated to bringing you old home remedies and natural cures that the country doctors of centuries past used to recommend to their patients.

Old texts written by country doctors of the 1800s served as my references. The knowledge that these men had of all the herbs, natural compounds, plants, and folk medicines was impressive! In fact these doctors poo-pooed what were known as "patent" medicines, the foreunners for today's pharmaceuticals. The doctors were aware of the healing power of nature and how to use it on a very basic level. Many of them referred to patent medicines as "poison."

I just started Old-Home-Remedies-Guide.com a couple months ago and I have many many pages to add. Plus, I am adding a directory of all the names of the herbs and natural remedies so that you can see where they come from and what they are about. For example, "aconite" was a medicinal plant, but we rarely hear of it today. "Cubebs" is another natural remedy that was widely sold, but who knows what it is? I think the directory is important to understand more about these natural cures.

I find folk medicine interesting so this website has been a labor of love. If anybody wants me to look up a specific item or add a page on a specific ailment please post to this blog!

My website is http://www.old-home-remedies-guide.com.

Or, if you have a natural recipe to share, let me know!

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