Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Welcome to the Old Home Remedies Guide

I decided to create the Old Home Remedies Guide a few months ago after reading some old medical texts written by country doctors of the 1800s. I was impressed by their extensive knowledge of diet, foods, herbal remedies, healing plants, and simple natural folk cures.

My motivation for the Guide was provided by today's insipid and stupid TV commercials that praise the wonders of pharmaceuticals, while warning you how they may also cause nausea, tremors, blindness, diarrhea, fetal damage, double vision, depression, stomach pain, weakness, respiratory difficulty, rapid heartbeat, dry mouth, indigestion, and alas, thoughts of suicide! And these medicines are being prescribed by our doctors to help us?

As the old saying goes, with friends like that who needs enemies? I had to wonder just how did people manage years ago without such dubious and questionable gifts from our big drug companies?

Anyway, the point of the Old Home Remedies Guide is mainly to show people that natural alternatives existed before these poisonous drugs came along, and still exist. That is not to say that I recommend these specific remedies. Many herbs and natural preparations can be poisonous too and must be used with caution.

But I do feel it is worth searching for a natural herbal or folk remedy before we run out and invest hundreds of dollars on drugs that we will likely always need, because they do not remedy anything, they just mask it. And if that's all they do then we will just keep needing that mask, ensuring the drug companies' profits while we just linger on in the same way.

The Old Home Remedies Guide is also to honor nature and all the wonderful gifts of healing remedies that nature affords us -- if we just take the time and effort to investigate them.

If you want me to research a particular ailment and list the natural remedies just post to this blog and I will look it up and post what the old timers had to say.

Or, if you have a special home remedy of your own, post it here and I may add it to my website. Readers' contributions are appreciated and welcome!

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